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Blessed Infinite Compassion Mala Bracelet

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Inspired by the Buddha’s boundless compassion, this stretchable mala bracelet features Cracked Quartz Crystal beads, silver-plated spacers, and an antique-finish eternal knot.

This stylish yet simple bracelet has been blessed by the Dharma Protector of Kechara during trance in the monastery, bestowing protection from harm and negative energies.
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Designed with the Buddha’s boundless compassion in mind, this stretchable mala bracelet is handmade from Cracked Quartz Crystal beads alternating with silver-plated spacers, and features an antique-finish eternal knot as the centrepiece. This stylish yet simple bracelet has been blessed by the Dharma Protector of Kechara during trance in the monastery, bestowing protection from harm and negative energies.

Each bead has been carefully selected for its significance and symbology.

  • Quartz Crystals are known for their ability to absorb, focus, transform and balance energy, neutralising negative energies such as radiation and amplifying positive energies, including the effects of other stones. It also increases awareness, concentration and clarity of mind.

  • The Eternal Knot, also known as the endless knot, is one of the Eight Auspicious Signs symbolising the Buddha's endless blessings of wisdom and compassion. In Chinese culture, it is also believed to bring good fortune, love and happiness. It serves as a gentle reminder of our faith and the fact that we can achieve Enlightenment through wisdom and compassion.

Our blessed mala bracelets are a convenient way to ensure you never leave home without your mala and allows you do to your daily practices anywhere, anytime. They are highly sought after as they are imbued with the Dharma Protector’s energies, blessings and presence. As such, when you use a blessed mala bracelet, it unlocks your karmic potential and opens the seeds of Enlightenment in your mindstream, enabling you to realise the full benefit of your practices and achieve attainments swiftly.

Blessed mala bracelets can be worn around the wrist for a continuous supply of positive energy and protection from harm and spirit disturbances. It can be placed on the head of an individual disturbed by negative energies for blessings and protection. This blessed mala bracelet can also be placed on the head of a dying person to help the person pass on peacefully.

Can be worn singly or as a trendy stacked bracelet. Available in small/medium size.

Product Details

  • Length: Approximately 175mm (6.7-inch)
  • Average bead diameter: 8mm (0.3-inch)
  • Weight: 20g (0.04 lb)

* We use jewellery-grade, high-quality, strong stretch elastic. To preserve the life of your elastic, we recommend rolling these bracelets on and off, rather than stretching them. This ensures you get many more years of wear and enjoyment from your handmade bracelet.
* To preserve the beauty and life span of your jewellery, please read these care tips.


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