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Agarwood Loose Incense

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Enjoy the deep and complex scent of our all-natural Agarwood Loose Incense. Calming agarwood soothes the mind, clears tension and mental blocks, improves mental capacity and is highly suitable as a meditational aid.
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Agarwood (also known as aloeswood, 'Chen-Xiang' 沉香 in Chinese or 'Oud' in the Middle East) is a traditional incense ingredient which has been used in religious and cultural ceremonies for millennia. When burned, it produces an intriguing scent that has been described as sweet, deep and balanced, and helps soothe the mind, clear tension and mental blocks, and improve mental capacity.

Also favoured for medicinal purposes, calming agarwood is highly suitable as a meditational aid. The aroma also counters stress, promotes a good restful sleep and can even help children improve their focus and study better.

Directions for Use

  • Burn on hot coals or in an electric incense burner
  • Break into small pieces and place a small amount on burning incense sticks
  • Can be mixed with other types of loose incense and burnt in the same manner
  • Insert into Buddha statues

Product Details

  • Weight: Approximately 20g (0.044 lb)

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