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Completed Mahasiddha Birwapa statue, 3ft Zoom

24 Incarnation Statue Insertion Fund

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Offer a holy item into H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s Incarnation Statues and help commemorate His extraordinary incarnation lineage for future generations. The deeds of Rinpoche’s previous lives are a powerful reminder of what a single individual can achieve over lifetimes when their entire being is devoted to benefitting others, and these 3ft statues will be a source of blessings and inspiration for his devoted students around the world.

Available until end August 2022.
Please read on for more information about the project.

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Following the parinirvana of our beloved teacher, H.E. the 25th Tsem Rinpoche, we have begun commissioning statues of Rinpoche’s previous incarnations. These 24 illustrious masters include erudite scholars, prolific translators, tantric adepts, lineage progenitors and even founding fathers of the various schools of Tibetan Buddhism, all of whom were formally identified and confirmed by Dorje Shugden via the Venerable 7th Panglung Oracle.

Each 3ft statue is a one-of-a-kind piece, sculpted from clay according to traditional Buddhist depictions then casted in copper and tin bronze. The interiors will be filled with thousands of mantras, images of the enlightened beings and holy items. Upon completion, they will be permanently enshrined in the Tsem Rinpoche Relic Temple and consecrated through elaborate pujas by high lamas and esteemed monks.

Through this unique project, we hope to connect all students and visitors to Kechara Forest Retreat with Rinpoche’s incarnation lineage, and inspire their spiritual path and aspirations. Each of Rinpoche’s previous lives made a tremendous impact on the preservation and growth of Buddhism, whether they were visionary teachers, meditating hermits, outrageous mahasiddhas, ruling emperors, or simply shining examples of guru devotion and perseverance in the face of adversities. Taken as a whole, they are a powerful reminder of what a single individual can achieve over lifetimes when their entire being is devoted to benefitting others through compassion and wisdom.

More benefits of supporting this project

  • Prosperity, abundance and fulfilment of wishes
  • Long life and good health
  • A strong connection with H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s incarnation lineage and future incarnation
  • Collection of great merits for a good future rebirth and swift enlightenment

Statue Insertion Fund

We invite you to offer a holy item into Tsem Rinpoche’s Incarnation Statues, dedicated to you and your loved ones. Your contribution will help with the cost of creating these significant objects of veneration and make it possible for many people to connect with Rinpoche’s incarnation lineage, now and in the future. For every person who makes prayers, offerings or circumambulations at these statues, you will also receive a continuous stream of merits and blessings for having contributed to their existence.

Your name will be inscribed on your chosen item before it is inserted into the Statues. We will also include your name on our Wall of Merits (for contributions above RM10,000) or on a digital screen (for contributions above RM150), located in the Relic Temple.

Available until end August 2022. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

List of Sponsorship Items

24 units of each item are available, one for each incarnation statue. Please refer to the product details section for more information on the individual items.

Butterlamp, 5 inches, 1 unitRM5,000
Tulku Drakpa Gyaltsen statue, 10 inches, 1 unitRM5,000
Dorje Shugden statue, 7 inches, 1 unitRM2,500
Gyenze wealth vase, 5 unitsRM1,200
Dorje Shugden Four Emanations statue, 6 inches, 4 unitsRM1,000
Dorje Shugden Three Ministers statue, 5 inches, 3 unitsRM750
Mantra drive, 10 unitsRM500
Dorje Shugden Entourage statue, 4 inches, 27 unitsRM249
Traditional large mantra rollsRM100
Dorje Shugden tsatsaRM100

About H.E. the 25th Tsem Rinpoche

H.E. Tsem Rinpoche was a world-renowned Buddhist teacher, the 25th incarnation from a long line of Indian, Nepali and Tibetan Buddhist masters dating back to over 2,500 years ago. He was the founder of the Kechara Buddhist Organisation headquartered in Malaysia, a prolific author of commentaries, discourses and books on Buddhism, and a beloved spiritual guide to many disciples around the world.

When Rinpoche passed into parinirvana on September 4th, 2019, the world lost a towering beacon of goodness and hope. Rinpoche had dedicated his entire life to the practice and proliferation of Buddhism especially through the digital world, and his teachings have touched the hearts and changed the lives of thousands of people around the globe.

Product Details

About the Incarnation Statues

  • Size: 3ft (24 statues in total)
  • Material: Copper and tin bronze
  • Location: Relic Temple
  • Estimated completion date: March 2021

Statues for insertion

  1. Lineage lamas (RM5,000)
    To create a strong connection with Rinpoche’s incarnation lineage for our spiritual practice to be blessed and successful.
  2. Dharma protectors (RM249 - RM2,500)
    To create the causes for the fulfillment of wishes, clearing of obstacles, success of endeavours, swift assistance and divine protection.

Wealth Vases for insertion

  1. Gyenze wealth vase (RM1,200)
    To create the causes for wealth, abundance and material resources for the success of endeavours and the fulfilment of wishes. Handmade and consecrated by the monks of Shar Gaden Monastery

Mantras for insertion

To multiply the blessings and merits accumulated by everyone who circumambulates, prays or makes aspirations at the Statues.

  1. Mantra drives (RM500)
    High capacity digital drives containing billions of images and mantras of the lineage masters, yidams, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Dharma Protectors; essential scriptures and Buddhist texts.
  2. Traditional large mantra rolls (RM100)
    Hand rolled mantra scrolls, 62 varieties in total including the name mantras of the lineage masters; mantras of the yidams, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Dharma Protectors; and mantras based on the Sutras and essential texts.

Other Insertion Items

  1. Dorje Shugden tsatsa (RM100)
    Miniature Dorje Shugden image handmade from clay by monks and containing many blessed and sacred substances

More Information

* This is an offering item and no actual product will be shipped.


A great way to Gain MERITSReview by See Puoh Share
Thank you so much to vajrasecrets and the Kechara Forest Retreat for creating this opportunity for me and my family to gain merits. (Reviewed on 5/27/2021)
A great Merit FieldReview by SL BOON
A great way to generate tremendous amount of merits to continuously meet with our perfect Guru in all future lives. (Reviewed on 11/20/2020)
BlessedReview by Gordon Ng
Thankful to have such opportunities available! (Reviewed on 10/30/2020)
Honoring the great works of The 25th Tsem RinpocheReview by Mark Steeves
Thank you for the ability and opportunity to contribute to such an important project. One which will bless many pilgrims and disciples for years to come who have this chance to take part in honoring His Eminence. (Reviewed on 8/19/2020)

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